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Best Makeup Revolution Products - New 2018's Favorites - Myriam

by orabelca Admin on Oct 02, 2018

Best Makeup Revolution Products - New 2018's Favorites - Myriam

As you guys know, Makeup Revolution is my favourite brand. If I have to choose just one makeup brand, it will be this one.

We received a lot of new exciting products this couple of months. I have to say that as a makeup addicted, this is the best part of my job! New launches and discovering new affordable, excellent quality makeup makes me so happy!


Here are my Makeup Revolution 2018's favourites products:

Makeup Revolution The Wants Emily Edit
Makeup Revolution Soph Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette
  • The Tammi Tropical paradise is stunning! It’s such a complete palette. It’s well balanced with shimmers, mattes, cool and warm. I love that she put some unique shades like a matte dark green and blue.
Makeup Revolution X Tammi Tropical Paradise Palette

  • The Soph Eyeshadow Palette. This is the first collaboration that Soph created with Makeup revolution. It’s a well-arranged palette and has everything you need for perfect eye makeup.
Makeup Revolution Soph Eyeshadow Palette
  • The Soph Highlighter Palette. What I like about this palette is the versatility! You can easily take your look from a subtle glow to a blinding highlight! It will also suit all skin tones.
Makeup Revolution Soph Highlighter Palette

    Here is a link to my previous top 5 Makeup Revolution products! I still use each one of them! The matte blush, the Blushing Heart Highlighters and Contour Palette are in my everyday makeup bag and drawer!