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New Glided Collection by Morphe Brushes!

by Myriam Zmantar on Nov 20, 2017

New Glided Collection by Morphe Brushes!

The Morphe Brushes Glided Collection is Finally here! We will give a quick description of the entire Glided Collection!

We have to say that we are very impressed by this collection. It's really a nice complete selection of brushes. The fact that it contains 23 brushes is not overwhelming at all. We feel that it will be perfect for everyone but especially for beginners.

Also, the eye brushes are amazing! You have a perfect selection to achieve a complete eye makeup. We also feel like everyone will enjoy it but particularly people with small eyes!

Y1 - Precision Pointed Powder: This pointed fluffy brush is a must-have multi-tasker brush. It will perfectly define your cheekbones with bronzer and contour, and apply powders to precise areas.

Y2 - Tapered Powder: This fluffy tapered brush is perfect to fix your liquid foundation with powders and apply flawlessly powders foundations.

Y3 - Pro Pointed Powder: This pointed fluffy brush will apply powder without any harsh lines and define your features with contour and bronzer.

Y4 - Deluxe Angle Brush: This angled brush will fit your into your contours perfectly and applies blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Y5 - Pro Tapered Blush: This tapered brush will apply and blend flawlessly your blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Y6 - Pro Flat Buffer: This flat top dense kabuki brush will buff and blends liquid and powder foundation for a flawless, full coverage finish.

Y7 - Round Buffer: This round dense kabuki brush is perfect for blending your foundation seamlessly with the best coverage. It’s also good for powder and mineral foundations.

Y8 - Mini Tapered Highlight Contour: This brush has a pinched end which fits perfectly to the curves and contours of your face. It will highlight and define your features like a dream. Use it to apply highlight or contour.

Y9 - Detail Contour: This domed brush fits the contour of your face. It will sculpt your cheekbones and blend over applied makeup.

Y10 - Mini Detail Contour: This domed dense brush is perfect for applying cream and powder contour.

Y11 - Deluxe Pointed Contour: This tapered pointed will define your cheekbones with contour powders perfectly. Use the tip to apply highlight.

Y12 - Pro Flat Contour: The perfect brush for a chiseled contour. For cream or powder products

Y13 - Pro Highlight Fan: The perfect brush for applying highlight with control.

Y14 - Pro Detail Highlight: The perfect highlighting brush.

Y15 - Deluxe Round Blender: This fluffy round brush is perfect for blending! Perfect for small eyes too.

Y16 - Deluxe Fluff: The Ultimate blending brush.

Y17 - Deluxe Detailed Crease: This Pointed fluffy brush will apply precisely and blend seamlessly colors to your crease.

Y18 - Tapered Blending Fluff: This brush is perfect for controlled application. It will apply and blend at the same time eyeshadow to your crease. The side of it can also be used for applying shadow to your lids.

Y19 - Pointed Blender: This blending brush is perfect for all eyes shapes.

Y20 - Pro Round Crease: The perfect brush for precise work! Perfect for darkening the outer V and blending harsh lines in the same time.

Y21 - Flat Definer: This brush is a multi-tasker. Use it to define your brows and to apply product to your lashline.

Y22 - Detailed Bullet Crease: This pencil brush is a must have. Perfect for darkening the outer V, for buffing out liner and also for buffing out color to your lower lashline.

Y23 - Pro Angle Brush: Use this brush to define your brows and applying a perfect winged liner.