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Would you use these Makeup Tools too?

by Myriam Zmantar on Nov 20, 2017

Would you use these Makeup Tools too?

Today’s blog post is our founder Myriam go to Makeup tools.

I have to say that my brush collection is a lot smaller than my makeup collection ;)

I will talk on this post about 3 sets that I have been enjoying and also few individual brushes.

I will start with my Real Techniques Brushes. I really love them. They are super affordable, high-quality brushes. The only downside is that you have less choice than other brands like Morphe Brushes.

I love the Core Collection Set. It contains 4 essential brushes: a Contour Brush that can be also used for all powders: blush, face powder…, a Pointed Foundation brush perfect for foundation and concealer, a Detailer brush for inner corner highlight, a Buffing brush perfect for powder and liquid foundation. I loved this set so much that I give it to my mom!

So now, I have replaced it with the Ultimate Base Set. It contains 2 best sellers: the Miracle Complexion Sponge and the Expert Face brush, plus a Concealer brush. This set is perfection. It’s a multitasker set which can achieve your full face of makeup. The Expert Face brush is the only brush I use for foundation. It’s dense and perfect for a high coverage foundation application. The Miracle Complexion Sponge is a well-known sponge, loved by everybody. I used it to set my undereye area and my face with loose powder. I find this technique really efficient as it extends the wear of my foundation. I use it also to prevent any under eye creasing before setting my concealer. For under eye concealer, I prefer to use a brush since it allows more coverage. I use the Concealer brush from the set or the Expert Face brush or a brush from the Set 686 from Morphe that I will be talking about later.

I have only one single Real Technique brush: the Blush brush and I love it. I use it for pretty much anything powder: blush and bronzer.




I will be talking about my Morphe Brushes collection next.

I own the Morphe Brush Set 686 18 Piece Vegan Brush Set.  The Deluxe Fan Brush is a 1.5cm wide brush. I use it to apply highlighter, blush but also contour or bronzer. I use the powder brush mainly for blending my blush and bronzer together since I use the Miracle Sponge to set my face.

I use the Angle Blush brush and the Bronzer brush for blush and bronzer. The first one is a fluffy, soft, angled brush. It’s perfect for applying and blending powders. The Bronzer brush is narrow and fluffy and fits perfectly to the halo of your cheeks. After, we have the Pointed Foundation Brush. I don’t use it for foundation but for blending concealer. I use the Angled Blender brush for blending my yellow corrector under my eyes. You can also use it for blending eyeshadow and I think it’s actually meant for that but I have really small space lid!;)    

The Deluxe Shadow brush is a unique brush. It has short and dense bristles. I use it to place eyeshadow to the outer corner and also in the crease since I have small and slightly hooded lids.   After, we have the Deluxe Blending Crease brush which is used for blending eyeshadow.

I use the 3 following brushes for placing eyeshadow either onto the lid or outer corner: Concealer brush, Small Shadow Brush, and Mini concealer. They have different sizes perfect for inner/outer corner or lid. The Flat Liner brush is one of my favs. Really nice to put shadow to your lower and upper lashline since I’m not a fan of Eyeliner. I only use powder to line my upper lashline. I don’t use the Angled Liner brush. Like I said I don’t ever wear eyeliner. The Smudger Brush is also amazing for smoking the lower lashline. I don’t use the Pointed Liner brush. As I said in my previous post, I suck at Lipstick. I don’t wear it. The Lip Brush is fantastic for inner corner highlight. It’s very precise and fits right into the inner corner.




Now, let's move to the single brushes. I own the M513, M514, M503 and E18. The M514 is a great brush to own if you have small eyes. It’s a petite blending brush. The M503 is also a nice blending brush that is not too big for my eyes.  The E18 is amazing for darkening the outer corner or placing shadow to the crease. I actually use the M513 for highlighting my cheekbones.




Regarding the cleaning of the brushes, I simply use Dove soap! :)

Voila, this concludes my Brush and Tools Collection. I hope you like it!


Orabel's founder.